Welcome to a wonderful midsummer weekend packed with workshops, talks, meditations, music, a market, ceremonies, childrens activities and of course the Midsummer Magic.

We will celebrate Midsummer with a special ceremony at the camp.

We are honored to present the following speakers, workshopleaders and artists that will be present on/contribute to the camp:

- Maria Kvilhaug: historian, lecturer and author specialized in old norse myths. Aka "LadyoftheLabyrinth" started as a username on Youtube, author of The Seed of Yggdrasill and the Blade Honer novel series about the Life of the Oseberg priestesses.

- Philip Carr - Gomm: Chosen Chief of The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids and author

- Penny Billington: Druid teacher, editor of Touchstone and author

- Arthur Billington- ZZ Birmingham: Honorary Bard and artist

- Melanie Cardwell: Master Herbalist

- Adrian Rooke: Counsellor, healer and celebrant

Nicole Maessen : OBOD Druid and Tarot Mediator

Yolanda van Nieuwkoop: Celtic Reiki Master, Tarotist and Geomancer

Jann Ruiters: Celtic Reiki Master,professional Sound massage practitioner and Geomancer

Robbin : Celebrant , OBOD tutor-mentor and Project-director within a group of Waldorf Schools

When arriving to the campingground please follow the signs OBOD CAMP until you see a little white tent which is the Camp Gate. Here you can register yourself and get directions where to put your tent/caravan.

Friday 21-06-2019


The camp will start on friday the 21st of June.  Participants are welcome to enter the campingground at 15:00

When everybody is settled we will enjoy a meal together at 18:00 and after supper the camp will be opened officially with the opening ceremony.

Saturday 22-06-2019

Morning Dance of life

- Morning meeting

Midsummer Celebration 

- Workshops

- Meeting in groves

- Lecture by Maria Kvilhaug

- Music/ campfire

Sunday 23-06-2019

Morning Dance of life/ Daily Energy Routine 

- Morning meeting

- Workshops

- Market

- Eisteddfod/ everybody is welcome to perform music, poetry, dance and so on!

Monday 24-06-2019

- Morning Dance of life/ Daily Energy Routine 

- Closing ceremony at 11:00

- Lunch

- Saying goodbye/ packing/ cleaning

Here you can dowload the complete Camp programme and a map of the Camp