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Canoes and Sauna

At the campsite you will find canoes and a sauna that you are free to use.


There will be different workshops and activities to choose from.  Because there are quite a few workshops, it will not be possible to  attend all of them. Every morning on the days that we offer workshops you will find lists for you to sign up for the workshops of your choice. 


Philip Carr-Gomm

Workshop by Philip Carr- Gomm:

"Making our druidry real", how we can improve our lives and the lives of those around us with a practical application of druidry.

Druidry; crafting a magical life with Penny Billington

Magic is the secret component of Druidry; we don’t talk much about it, but wanting a life full of magic and wonder is part of what has brought most of us to this path.

From our earliest bardic studies onwards, how can we begin to experience wonder in the world, and how does the course support this? With talk, questions, discussions and exercises, together we’ll investigate  Druid magic.



Penny Billington has had an active role in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids for many years, and has edited their magazine Touchstone for 15. She is an author and speaker, and regularly leads ceremonies and workshops. Her published work includes The Path of Druidry; walking The Ancient Green Way,  a best selling Druid study course and guide, The wisdom of birch, oak and yew and The Keys to the Temple, Unlocking Dion Fortune's Mystical Qabalah Through Her Occult novels in collaboration with Ian Rees. (all pub. Llewellyn Worldwide) as well as a series of Druid detective novels.


            Arthur & Penny Billington

NATURAL MAGIC IN THE BLUES with Arthur Billington

An exploration illustrated with live music & song with Arthur Billington

How would I ‘Dust My Broom’?  Get my ‘Mojo Working’? Apply ‘Hotfoot Powder’? Become the ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’? Arising from the cultural mores of pagan West Africa, the Blues is steeped in magical practices & beliefs. In this illustrated talk we shall unwrap the extraordinarily vivid symbolism of this seminal musical form and reveal its more arcane significance.   


Arthur ‘Z.Z. Birmingham” Billington, bluesman & Honorary Bard of OBOD, veteran of festivals & camps all over Europe & presents the weekly ‘Blues Cruise’ on GFM. He has a fund of seasonal & bardic songs and is well known to OBOD members for his versatility, warmth & willingness to provide music at the barest hint of an opportunity. He looks forward to joining with other bards to provide informal entertainment throughout the camp. His latest CD is Kozmick, a Druid/blues fusion.

Activities by Adrian Rooke:

Sacred singing

In the UK and Holland sacred singing and chanting has become a very popular form of meditation /celebration ,based around the Hindu tradition of kirtan ,we sing to the land and to the gods and to each other in a majickal celebration of life , the chants are mainly of a pagan origin ,honouring the elements of air fire earth and water ,singing to the goddess the god and enchanting the hearts of all involved , a very uplifting ,endorphin stimulating experience that will leave you felling the joy of creation for the rest of the day . bring Drums and any other instruments , time about 2 hours.

Wand carving workshop 

Come and join me in the creation of your own majickal wand ,bring your own wood if you have a preference of tree (I Find the trees from the ogham the best Oak Ash etc )  or the camp organizers are going to provide some wood for the wands  , utilizing and focusing our own power through the use of a wand had been a common thread throughout the whole of know history , Egyptian Pharaohs are often depicted holding a wand in one hand and the ankh in the other, there is evidence that on some early paintings of Christ the miracles were aided by the wand that Jesus was carrying ,What we do know is that a wand works like a laser beam to focus and to hone our intent ,when creating sacred space or casting spells ,there is majick in making your own wand  and carving into it your intent ,love and hope ,making a sacred working tool to pass down through the family for generations to come .


Dance of life

Start the day by joining in the dance of life ,this dance originated from the Cherokee plains Indians and includes an honoring of the earth mother and sky father ,with an energetic weaving through our bodies to bless each other and  the four directions , practiced on camps and gatherings throughout Europe this beautiful dance has become the morning anchor for the activities of the day to come ,a very joyous and uplifting experience.


Adrian Rooke

Tarot by Nicole

Tarot cards are true treasure maps that help you find your way within, and by pulling cards
you can connect to your heart. This workshop is to find out more about yourself and about the
personal tools you carry in your tool box. Do you know what you’re good at, your strengths,
your passions? The cards you pull are mirrors that show you an image of you and your
circumstances. Do you dare to look into that mirror?
Maximum 8 participants (Dutch & English spoken)

Nicole Maessen is an OBOD Druid and Tarot Mediator. “Within and outside OBOD I
facilitate tarot readings and tarot workshops, in which we reconnect with our intuition and
work on personal development. During these ‘magical encounters’ for private individuals and
companies, I guide them into the realm of the Druids and the world of Tarot.”



Oracle of Charms by Nicole
Having facilitated numerous tarot workshops throughout the years, Nicole sometimes ends
with some icing on the cake: the Oracle of Charms. As accurate and straight to the heart as the
tarot, she found out that working with these simple symbols of life is both fun and revealing.
Why not put your hand in the bag and pull out some new insights? This workshop is to
discover more about your current situation and together we can make a plan how to make
some changes to make life even happier. Do you dare to look into that mirror?
Maximum 10 participants (Dutch & English spoken)
Nicole Maessen is an OBOD Druid and Tarot Mediator. “Within and outside OBOD I
facilitate tarot readings and tarot workshops, in which we reconnect with our intuition and
work on personal development. During these ‘magical encounters’ for private individuals and
companies, I guide them into the realm of the Druids and the world of Tarot.”                                                                 

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Nicole Maessen

Mel poppy pic.jpg

Melanie Cardwell

Workshops by Melanie Cardwell

PLUGGING INTO JOY - Daily Energy Medicine for Better Health & Well Being:  This workshop explores various Energy Medicine techniques and Daily Practices to literally create more Joy in your life, re-balancing the body's chakras and meridians, improve your health and well being.  We will tap into ancient energies within and without the body for Optimum Health and Happiness.  Handouts included. 


HERB WALK:  We will explore the local landscape for wild plants and identify them for medicinal and nutritional use.  We will also collect various herbs for making a salve later in the afternoon in another workshop. Handouts included.

MAKING A HERBAL SALVE: Using plants collected in this morning's Herb Walk, we will make a salve for first aid use.  We will also discuss various other herbal preparations that are easily made at home. Handouts included.

Contact with nature spirits in your own garden with Yolanda van Nieuwkoop

An introductionary workshop on how to work with the nature spirits in your own garden and in your
We will briefly go through history and mentioning in literature of the European nature spirits, the
spirits of the land, water, air and fire and then focus on our local plant and tree spirits, entering some
practical assets, e.g. how to become aware of them, how to identify individuals, to contact them and
how to make your own space more inviting to them.
About half an hour is set aside for going out of the camp and sit somewhere alone by a plant, bush
or tree and to invite the spirits to contact you and experience what happens.

My name is Yolanda van Nieuwkoop. I am ovate in OBOD. We have an active seed group in our part of the Netherlands and twice a year the festivals are celebrated in our garden. I attended  the Obod courses "meditation and rituals" with Kate & Barry Reilly in 2004/2006, and the wheel of Anu with Thea Worthington and Adrian in 2012/2016. I was initiated as Celtic Reiki Master at the Chalice Well in

Glastonbury by Martyn Pentecost. I am also a certified Tarotist and Geomancer. 

In 2012/2014 with druid Bea Hardon we initiated and organized 2 cycles of moon lodges in Drenthe . Currently my husband Jann Ruiters and I organize monthly mantra singing and meditations. Also monthly we lay out a labyrinth in our village church. 

yolanda labyrint.jpg

Yolanda van Nieuwkoop

Creating a labyrinth

In this workshop you will learn to draw a classical labyrinth and together we will construct a full size
seven layer classical Labyrinth on the ground, that we can walk.
The workshop is given by Jann Ruiters and Yolanda of Nieuwkoop.
The knowledge of how to draw a labyrinth and how to construct a full size labyrinth on the ground,
has been passed on from one generation to generation for many thousands of years all over the world.


Jann Ruiters

Working with the Labyrinth

Labyrinths are an ancient archetype dating back 5,000 years or more and they are found all over the
world. We go into history of the labyrinth, types of labyrinths and where they occur.
We also will explore the contemporary use of the labyrinth different intentions and ways in which
you can walk the labyrinth, the way of life, pilgrimage, transformation and birth, meditation, ritual
and with combinations such as e.g. mandalas and dance.

The workshop is given by Jann Ruiters

While walking the labyrinth, man learns to listen to his soul .

"Gernot Candolini"

Jann finished the OBOD bardic course in 2014. He was initiated as Celtic Reiki Master at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury by Martyn Pentecost and later in 2014 initiated as Celtic Reiki Realm Master by Martyn Pentecost. He trained sound massage at the Peter Hess Academy and is a professional Sound massage practitioner, presently accompanying monthly yoga classes and meditations with sound massage. He has been a certified Geomancer since 2006 and is an active member of a circle of Shamans in the northern part of the Netherlands. Currently  Jann Ruiters and his wife Yolanda organize monthly mantra singing and meditations.  Also every month they lay out a labyrinth in their village church. 


Lecture by Maria Kvilhaug

Maria Kvilhaug was born 1975 in Oslo, Norway. She is a historian and writer specializing in Old Norse history, mythology and culture. She is the author of The Seed of Yggdrasill and the Blade Honer novel series about the Life of the Oseberg priestesses. Maria is also know as "Lady of the Labyrinth" under this name she can be found on Youtube (here you can find videos with her lectures).

Maria Kvilhaug.jpg

Maria Kvilhaug


At this moment of Mid Summer Magic with the omnipresent abundance of this season’s festival, I gladly invite you to abandon the touchscreen and get in touch with what makes you come alive and kicking to the art of appreciation. And because this needs unconditional attention to what we really would like to appreciate in others and ourselves, we will focus at the abundance of our achievements and create random acts of kindness to honour especially thìs backbone of our true potential.

Within the boundaries of the timetable of the programme and our Druidic circle, we will increase our thinking-mode by journeying, share, acknowledge, journey again and frame our appreciation. With gratitude for the goddess | god | our ally’s | guides | all animals | plants | trees |stone-people | fairies | pixies | angels e.g. as well as our benign sentient relatives: Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ . We will end our journey together with a simple Give-Away-ceremony *). So if you want to join me in this, please bring something valuable that is ready to be passed on, in service of  ‘all goodness’ and in doing so create inner spaciousness for the ART of APPRECIATION to emerge into your life.

*)The Give-Away ceremony is a sacred path lesson that is worth noting at in these times of incredible abundance. It is the practice of giving away useful and truly beloved possessions to others. Not with the thought of having strings attached to the gift, but to sacrifice something important to us in order to allow spaciousness for personal growth.
It is about giving away something that would benefit someone else and be a possibility for us to release encumbrances that block our forward movement in personal growth to give attention and meaning to our mutual (Druid) way. That what you donate to the give away can be an item that still has a good potential for use but is not being used any longer. It is a way to honour both the item and the person who will use it from now on and come alive in doing so.


Robbin joined the Order at a weekend with Philip Carr-Gomm at the Elfenbank in 1992, where she already had started her teachings within the Lakota Indian tradition with Roelien de Lange & Archie Fire Lame Deer. Both working with the wheel of the year from a different perspective, she definitely adopted the Druid-way after a training series with Thea Worthington on the 4 faces of the Goddess (The wheel of Anu). Being trained as a celebrant since, Robbin organised a lot of activities for the OBOD-community during the years, served as a tutor-mentor, was part of the OBOD international platform in the Netherlands and co-organiser of 10 years International-Dryade-camps. She has been trained to offer ceremonies, celebrations, initiations, rites of passages and teachings that focus on interconnectedness ( ‘as in the inner so on the outer’) and the art of ritual within our daily life. Robbin gladly includes her grandchildren into these magical events as she has done with her children in the past. Communal awareness, oneness and the Devine feminine are the keynote of her attention, convincingly embracing the other world (‘as above so below’). In the apparent world she is a Project-director within a group of Waldorf Schools located in the South of Holland and that’s where anthroposophy comes into her frame of reference. With love and dedication for all benevolent teachings and existences that can guide us on our path to awareness, being our universal self…all of us!



robbin 3.jpg


We will have an opening and closing ceremony at the camp and those will be conducted by the Dryade organisation crew from The Netherlands . We will also celebrate midsummer with a special ceremony.


Dryade organisation team


Although a lot of you will be very happy to sort out their closet for ritual gear; capes, beautiful dresses, gowns, robes etc., for those of you who haven't got all this ceremonial paraphernalia, it is perfectly alright to enter the circle just the way you want to be. Jeans are as welcome as druidic outfits!